In The Beginning: 

People believe growing up poor is a horrible thing. I believe its helped me get through a lot of things in life. Growing up as a child I remember cutting up paper snow flakes and selling them at the apartment complex I once lived in. I later upgraded in elementary school selling my Hi-C juice boxes for $3 then buying milk for 25 cents. Can’t beat a $2.50 profit. In 5th grade I helped my dad with our small family business (Golightly & Son) as a distributor selling these sugar free candies called ‘Golightly’. Ironic I know…. Looking back business has surrounded me my whole life.

HighSchool & College Life:

During high school most of my academics was business related. I took a full load on business classes, computer applications, economics, accounting, etc. When I finally attended college in 2005 I retook the same classes for college credit. When I finally picked my major in accounting and business administration, the economy went downhill and business jobs were almost obsolete. I decided to switch my major to sociology at Illinois State University. During a class as we were learning methods & statistics in sociology, the professor spoke out and said, “If you can’t see yourself writing papers for the rest of your life you might want to reconsider your major”. After class I sneaked in her office, shaked her hand, and told her I’m switching majors.

During that whole semester I did some soul searching. I did the ultimate challenge and I told myself I’ll go Pre-med. For the next 4 years I fought against every statistic against me. It was one hell of a fight but I accomplished everything I fought for. Now at the age of 26 I decided to not pursue medical school. It wasn’t the commitment to go, but it was the fact that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. For the next 2 years I decided to take my degree as a laboratory scientist with a minor in chemistry and use it in a clinical setting.

The Move:

After 2 years of working at a hospital in Springfield,IL I decided to move to the Nashville,TN area because of all the opportunities the area was offering. With a stellar GPA and research background I thought I’d challenge myself and apply to a prestige academic hospital also known as Vanderbilt Medical University. Of course I got it, but I moved to the area not just because of the science but because of the startup opportunities. I believed my real roots go back as a kid selling things door to door. Business is the real me. So……

Entrepreneurship Journey Really Begins:

In 2017 I decided to become a member at the Nashville entrepreneur center where I launched TicketSwift, a online ticketing platform that’s a more versatile platform that allows the sale of merchandise and livestream ticketing. I also co-founded FanFile.TV, a platform that features 4k live concert footage streamed in HD. It makes talent discovery new and exciting for fans live and online.

The following is just history….