Ian Golightly first arrived to the U.S. from the Philippines at the age of 2 with just a suitcase when his parents wanted to give him a better life. At the age of 13, Ian was learning web development during the dot-com era. This was the starting point when Ian developed his habit for sales when he started to build websites and do picture editing for clients at an early age.


Ian eventually went to college at Illinois State University where he obtained a bachelor in science in laboratory medicine with a minor in chemistry and sociology. Ian also served in the Illinois Army National Guard with a few ROTC classes under his belt to advance his skills in leadership and communication. While getting out of the military, Ian received an honorable discharge for his time of service.


Real estate became of interest after Ian had purchased his first house. It was a new science for him. Everything else is just history. Ian puts God & family first before anything else. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor Ian will make sure that he will represent you to the fullest.
His work is his signature.

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