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Pushing The Envelope

I’m an entrepreneur at heart who’s on a mission to push the envelope. I’ve learned to live life with a purpose and to live a life that you’ve designed.

After undergrad, I’ve worked primarily in the healthcare industry.
In 2020 I completed an executive MBA program at The Jack Welch Management Institute, where I became a Welch Scholar with a GPA of 4.0.

I’ve worked with a few projects in different sectors such as; tech, music, and real estate during my healthcare career.

I’m a firm believer in doing things in life that make you happy because you’ll excel in those areas more likely than something you hate.

My Skills


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List of organizations & projects I’ve been blessed to work with throughout the years.
Some are past, current, ongoing, and so forth.


List of organizations I’ve had memberships with throughout the years.

Lifes Journey

Graduate From Illinois State University

Graduate: Illinois State University - 2013

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Minor: Chemistry & Sociology

General Medical Technologist - Memorial Medical Center 2013

After undergrad, I jumped into the field of medical lab science where I became a generalist. Memorial Medical Center was a high-volume lab that was a reference lab for the Central Illinois area.

Special Chemistry Medical Technologist - Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2015

I had a passion for research, where I obtained my first experience during undergrad in a synthetic organic chemistry research lab at Illinois State University.

It only made sense to work in an organization that was heavily into research, academics, innovation, and more. So, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, it was!

I was blessed to work on a project with Dr. Alison Woodworth and Dr. Joe Wiencek on procalcitonin using the Vidas 3 from bioMérieux.

Start Graduate School 2017

Reference Lab Medical Technologist - Vanderbilt University Medical Center 2018

During my time at the reference lab, I spent the majority of my time troubleshooting and learning every angle of laboratory operations. I had an amazing mentor named Clyde Hampton who was rough around the edges but made sure he brought out the best of you for your best interest.

Despite being in the trenches and climbing over large hurdles, I couldn’t thank him enough for being one of the best mentors that I won’t forget.

Laboratory Supervisor - Mercy Hospital STL 2019

Move back to the mid-west as the Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis

Realtor - Keller Williams STL - 2020

Previously had my real estate license in Tennessee. Because of reciprocity between the two states, I passed the Missouri real estate boards and became a Realtor in the STL area.

I’m also an active real estate investor where I enjoy rehabbing and fixing up older homes.

Graduate grad school as a Welch Scholar @ JWMI 2020

Viddey - 2021

In 2020 I connected with Chynna Morgan, who’s the founder at GIF Out Loud. Due to the pandemic and my passion for the tech sector, I started brainstorming some innovative ideas.

If GOL wanted to pursue any of my ideas, Chynna mentioned that I’d be reached out sometime in 2021.

A few days after 2021, Chynna hops on a virtual call with me, and the rest of it is HISTORY. VIDDEY was BORN!

VIDDEY is an innovative solution for video marketing campaigns where consumers and brands can interact with each other.

I'm still learning


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