February For Financial Change in 2019

At the beginning of the month, I knew I wanted to make a drastic change before my birthday (2/17). Since I am about 33% of the way through my MBA program, I can start to get the sense of how much more debt that I am adding on top of my undergrad debt. It is a little stressful, but I believe with proper planning and execution I can be debt free in a few years. If financial advisers can help people get out of the pitfalls of debt, then I can do it as well.

One of the major decisions that I decided to do for 2019 for February is to teach myself everything I can to trade stocks. Personally, I believe it is an essential skill to learn if I want to bring in more income on the side. I already know that risk is associated with trading stocks, but I wanted to start my account so small to show that anyone can do it.

So guess what?

I started an account through Robinhood starting at $100. I wanted to start at $100 because I know that it is attainable for the majority of the people reading. If you do not have $100 laying around, I can understand. Everyone has different financial circumstances. If you do not have $100 laying around, I am confident that there are side hustles in your local area that you can do.

If you have not heard of Robinhood, you should check them out. They are suitable for small accounts because there are no transaction fees. I have a TDM Ameritrade account, and I have to pay a transaction fee every time I make a trade. The good news is, if you sign-up by clicking here, you and I will receive a free stock!  We have a chance to win a stock from Apple, Ford, Sprint, and so forth. So it is technically a win-win.

As I learn everything that I can about trading stocks, I will be posting everything through my journey. My goal for February is to make stock trading a daily habit. According to science, it takes 21 days to develop a habit roughly, and it takes approximately 66 days for that habit to stick. Instead of doing multiple things at once, I will create a new decision to help me grow knowledge in finances, friendships, business, and more in March. The nice thing about habits is the decision to keep compounding knowledge while having another goal. I genuinely believe this is my only way to financial freedom. 

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