Even though there are some downfalls with being an introvert, there is a lot of upsides as well. Personally, I believe it has helped me throughout my life. Introverts are known to be reserved and very observant. Since we are ending the first quarter of the year, I thought I would do some observations myself.

As you may already know, at the beginning of the year it is a western society common practice to at least think of one New Years Resolution. After a handful of real conversations and looking up data to decide if the dialogue aligns with present and past data, I am not surprised by my findings.

Do you know what are the two most common goals are for the New Year?

Do not be surprised because at some point in time you have probably done this before. I admit that I have several times. With that being said, the most common New Year resolutions have something to do with losing weight and having more money. The thing that I find interesting is the high percentage rate of people failing these goals. The reason why they fail is not surprising.

Goals fall short 99.9% of the time because they are not authentic and we are influenced to choose those goals because everyone else is doing them.

My advice because I will not tell you what to do, if you want to crush your goals then it may be to your benefit to grow you as an individual. Why not have intentions to develop the skills and qualities of you? Being truthful about yourself and authentic is going to maximize your results.

You will be surprised by the results.

Here a few ideas:

•    Learn to make better decisions

•    Make your life as simple as possible.

•    Have a structured day

•    Love yourself & be a service to others

•    Embrace change

Accomplishing goals is a challenging thing to do. No matter what background you come from, goals take time and sacrifices. To help leverage the challenge, it may be more beneficial to grow you as a person and let everything fall into place. At the end of the day, it is your decision, my friend.

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