I really believe people can accomplish anything they want in life in life if they have the right resources to get them to their destination. It is so easy to flip through social media platforms to find someone who is ‘successful’ and convince yourself they are the right to get advice from.

The question is, is it really right for you? Maybe it is and may it isn’t.  I believe for a small percentage it will work out and for the majority, it will not.

I genuinely believe the best authentic advice you can receive are from the relationships you have built.

Having a mentor is essential for advice

When we have this vision of doing something, and we have never done it before, we will most likely suck at it. It’s okay and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself.

I “suck” at tons of things.

When I decided to quit my sociology major my senior in college and jump the pre-med route, I failed my first chemistry and biology class. During the traditional work week, I don’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep. I don’t feel comfortable with public speaking. I skim heavily through books and more.

On top of that, I make tons of mistakes on a daily basis. I make mistakes every day at my professional job.

The only way you will reduce your mistakes is by going through the process of learning and gaining the experience.

Having a mentor is the perfect way to learn. I still remember my first mentor when I was still an undergrad at Illinois State University. I actually ended up working in his research lab for a few years which led me to my first scientific publish article. The thing is Mentors can teach you lot more than you think. During my years in his lab, I learned the importance of being organized, writing precise notes, and how time management was essential. I still use all those learning experience as the foundation of my work ethics.

Stop looking for advice in the wrong places

This is a big reason why I see so many people going in circles. With just a few clicks it is easy to find a super ‘guru’. For me, I wouldn’t go this route on the get-go. I would find someone within your network first to see if they can help or ask someone within your network if they know anyone can help. The only reason why I say this is because you have established a connection with the people within your network that will vet you legitimate resources.

Another mistake that I see that is far too common is they are asking the wrong people. From my observations, I have seen people ask questions about publishing a book to a digital marketer that has never published a book before. That is seriously like asking my plumber for advice about health issues. The bottom line is, it is vital to ask the right people for advice who can provide you value, so you can make the right decisions now and in also in the future.

I hope this article helps you realize how important it is to seek the right resources for advice.

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