When Shutting Up Builds Perspective

By: Ian Golightly

“Silence FREAKS me out”

I don’t know about you, but silence freaks me out. In today’s culture, it is becoming rare to see in this fast-paced, constantly changing society. 

As I observe the landscape, I see two trends that stand out the most. You have a population of people who think silence is wasted ‘time’ or a luxury that many cannot afford because they are stuck in the fast-paced world.

But there is something I have learned, and I believe that it will benefit you. I have learned that silence can create a momentum of wisdom.

When you do not speak, you are not letting your brain overwork itself. It allows you to get away from the spotlight and forces you to use other senses on what is going around you. You will be surprised by how much observant you become. What I mean is that you are forcing your body to stay focused on what is happening in the moment which will allow you to take in as much information that you can recognize.  Surprisingly all the information that you could ever imagine gathering can happen at that moment. 

It brings me to my point that shutting up can create perspective. When you listen to all sides of a story, and you have all the information pieced together, before you open your mouth to a conclusion, you have everything to make a well-rounded dialogue. I’m not ashamed to say it, but I honestly struggled with this for many years. Truthfully, it took me 32 years to get the hint that just listening will benefit me in every aspect of life. I know I’ll fall short at some point, but I am more aware of things than ever before.

I challenge you to do something. When you meet someone new, or you are talking with someone, let them own 99% of the conversation. In the back of your mind, observe everything from verbal to body posture. When looking at the whole package, you can assess it quicker than you ever imagine.

Being An Introvert Has Given Me The Upsides Of Being Silent

I’m comfortable letting people know I am an introvert. If you meet me in person, I don’t talk very much. I enjoy observing my surroundings. Some people will understand, and many will think I’m socially awkward. Truthfully, I am okay with that because I recognize patterns and other things that people cannot. In the long term, I believe I have an upper advantage.

The great thing is, it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extravert.  Your voice and everyone’s voice are so important that it is a valuable asset. Think of it as money, so let others have their 2 cents before you spit your 5 cents. I want you to keep in mind that it is essential to understand that words are powerful. Whatever gets thrown out will influence what is happening at the moment, but it may also affect what will happen in the future. I encourage you not to underestimate the leverage you can obtain by just listening and observing before you speak.

If you are reading this, I ask for your opinion on the subject. Have you tried it before? What was the outcome? Do you have any additional value that you can add to this? I am really interested in what you have to say. I believe having the opportunity to have an open discussion on this subject can help entrepreneurs, work professionals, and anyone who has the desire to grow personally.