Concepts Are Easy But The Execution Is Everything

By: Ian Golightly

Recently I had the opportunity to catch up with a friend of mine Brian Talbot for lunch. Brian is a brilliant guy with tons of experience that I can get insights in, but most of all we agree on things from a similar perspective view.

One of the conversation topics that we enjoy discussing is marketing. As we finished our meal at one of our favorite meet-up spots at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant we were discussing the utilization of Snapchat. We were surprised how mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar shops were not leveraging the social platform for their advertising efforts.

Why Aren’t Businesses Executing FREE Marketing?!

The concept is super easy and truthfully sounds boring, but the funny thing is that it works. Snapchat is a free mobile platform that you can build a community that costs no money to send a message to them. Building the community may require a little bit of money as an initial investment and time, but the ROI may be worth it in the very end. Brian had mentioned that he was surprised that there wasn’t a Snap QR code on everything. From there, the restaurant could do campaigns by sending out Coupon snaps or even incentivizing their customers by rewarding them to post Snap stories.

On top of that, we recognized our bartender was hanging out around us a little longer versus our previous conversations. She had mentioned she was in the field of IT and thought our conversation was interesting. We pretty much thoroughly explained a viable business that almost anyone could start consulting local businesses to implement in their day-to-day operations for marketing.

The punch line is that these concepts are so basic. Most people, like to overthink it and make it complicated than it needs to be. I want to share with you this tip that I have learned throughout the years: the more basic something is, the more practical it is to do. The challenge is that these concepts are basic, but the hard part is the execution. The truth is, concepts and ideas can look great on paper, but the only thing that is measurable for validation is the execution. Ideas and concepts are not quantifiable until it is acted upon.

For example, if you want to lose weight, it is easy to say you are going to cut calories and you are going to go to the gym 3 days a week. The hard part is actually doing it. The feeling of pushing your body to do things that you never have ever imagined on a consistent basis is hard. Cutting out the things you enjoy eating is a hard thing to do.  Not doing anything is the easy thing to do.

I encourage you not to have the assumption that basic concepts are easy to accomplish. It is common for people to fall for this assumption. The good news is, I am going to share a few tips on how you can embrace the execution process.

  • Be self-aware on what you want to achieve and what steps needs to be done.
  • Don’t overcomplicate things
  • No matter what happens, be consistent
  • Repeat the cycle

Once again these tips are basic. The challenge is if you are going to take action. The only thing that will hold you back is yourself. If you are reading this and you can relate, my only advice is that you put your full attention on the execution. What you do and the decisions you make during the execution is what matters the most. That is where you will get all the meaningful feedback. But then again, everything can look easy when it is written on a piece of paper or discussed with someone, but what matters the most is how it is done.

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